The Sponsor a Senior Program

The Sponsor a Senior Program

In my last email, I discussed my experience with a student from Battle Creek, Michigan, that had such an impact on my life that I rewrote my book. If you missed it, click here to check it out.

The inspiration didn't stop at me simply rewriting my book. As many of you already know, I believe in setting big goals that make you stretch. After I returned home, I woke up one night at three a.m. with an idea.

What if we created a special sponsorship program that encouraged individuals and companies to "Sponsor A Graduating Senior or a Senior Class by purchasing the book, It All Matters as a contribution to their future?” How many young people could we impact?

My Goal is 50,000 Points Of Impact.

I want to impact 50,000 of today's youth with the tools that they need to help them get anything that they want to out of life. I would like to ask you to consider participating in this campaign. We have already exceeded 12,000 sponsorships. Whether you decide to sponsor one graduating senior or an entire class, together we can make a difference.

"There is no greater act of giving than to contribute to a young person's future" ~ Shirley Cummings

I want to help make this a easy decision for you to participate in today. We have created a very special incentive program for those individuals who choose to help us achieve our goal of putting the book, It All Matters into the hands of at least 50,000 graduating seniors.

If you purchase at least one book, you will receive my It All Matters Affirmation eToolkit and access to the "You Can Change Your Life" video course.  That's a $395 value.

1. Purchase the book.
2. Fill out this sponsorship form.

I will keep all sponsors informed of our progress down the road, all the way up to 50,000 points of impact, and I will be sharing photos via social media from all the school events when we go out to distribute the books.

Do you want to make a difference? It's simple: place your order of It All Matters today, and then fill out the sponsorship form. That’s all you need to do!

The bonus offers will disappear pretty quickly so if you want them, please make sure you Sponsor a Senior today. Dreams are most often achieved by those who take immediate action.

Special Offer for those who act first. If you Sponsor 10 Seniors today ($250 investment) I will send you the following special gift:

1. The It All Matters Video Course
2. The It All Matters Learners Guide
3. My Affirmation eToolkit
4. The It All Matters Highlighter & Pen (minimum 10)

A $1,295 retail package...FREE

Make sure you fill out this special form to claim this special deal after ordering your books.

If you’ve ever wondered what lies at the end of giving .... you will learn the answer when you recognize and accept that...It All Matters.

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Make A Difference Today,

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