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“It All Matters is an inspiring book that is full of timeless truths and universal wisdom to help you to succeed in anything that you do.”

— Brian Tracy, International Motivational Speaker and Author of Over 70+ Books


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Are You Ready to Maximize Your Life?

While sitting at a picnic table with my grandfather, George W. Cummings Sr., in Conway, Arkansas, I had a conversation that completely changed the course of my life and helped lead me towards experiencing a life that was full of confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity.

Join me as I shares this incredible story with you, that is filled with humor, timeless truths and the many life lessons that I've learned along the way.  As you read, I will become your personal mentor and challenge you to find your It…inspire you to define your All… and encourage you to join me on a journey towards greatness, so that you too can fulfill your dreams and purposes and begin to live a life that truly Matters.

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"Reading It All Matters was an extraordinary experience. Paul Cummings brings to life the wisdom and strategies to win in life and business. This book is must read regardless of where you are in your life right now. Mr. Cummings' success is legendary. We now understand he accomplished extraordinary things by deciding each day that It All Matters. If you read this book and take action on its lessons, your life will change in powerful new ways. It's happening in our company right now."

— Kathy Ireland, American Actress, Model, Author, and Entrepreneur


“If you’re looking for a book that will inspire you to go for what you want in life, It All Matters is a great choice. Paul Cummings uses himself as a case study in this encouraging guide filled with life lessons, tools, and activities to help you set your course. Read this book—it could be the key to a successful future.”

 — Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and One Minute Mentoring


"It All Matters is an inspiring, well-structured, instructive, lightning fast read that will be your new best friend on the path to reaching your fullest potential. And there’s no better guide for the journey than the insightful and dynamic Paul Cummings."

 Dave Anderson, President of Learn To Lead, International Columnist, Renowned Sales and Leadership Speaker, and Author of 12 books, Including Unstoppable


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