How to Close the Deal: Use the Right Words

Words are critically important to anyone in the business of sales. Just like an artist needs a brush and the proper paint, we need the proper words to paint our verbal canvas.

I want to share a group of powerful words you can add to your verbal arsenal when dealing with a price request, or, objections about monetary terms and conditions. Once you have reviewed these words you will need to practice, drill and rehearse in order to deliver the words in an authentic and service based way.

When a customer asks for a significant discount lower than your proposed price, try this approach:

"I understand you would like a $1000 reduction of the final price. Could you be just a little bit more flexible please?" Smile and stay silent.


When the customer tells you up front that they will not buy unless the price is right, try this approach:

"Sir/Mam, I understand the price and value of the product is equally important to you. May I ask you a question? Is there anything I can personally say or do to make you pay more for the product and or service than you believe it's worth today?" Smile and stay silent.


Sometimes, a customer asks for a price before you have demonstrated your product or service. The problem is you have not had time yet to establish value. Try this approach the next time this happens:

"I understand you would like pricing information today. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need regarding the investment so that you can make a decision with facts in hand. Would you allow me the time to do that today?" Smile and stay silent.

These three groups of words will help any salesperson reduce the intensity of a customer's price request or objections. Take the time to practice, drill and rehearse.

Three things to focus on from a delivery standpoint are as follows:

1.    Your inflection and tone.

2.    Your cadence and pace.

3.    Your points where you pause.

Good luck implementing these phrases into your bank of words.

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