Three Keys to Personal Growth

One time at a meeting in California, I was reminded how important it is to share the keys to personal growth with others. As I spoke to a group of salespeople and sales managers at a highly successful automotive group, I could easily distinguish the individuals that were still hungry for more from those that had settled into their current level of success.

Key #1: Destroy Excuse Mentality

The first key to personal growth is to change your current truth. The truth is we all have a story. Our story can be filled with a litany of reasons as to why we haven't been as successful as we would like to be. Here are some common ones I hear: "I grew up poor," "I didn't get a good education," "I have never had a good manager," "I have experienced financial setbacks," and "I have been overlooked for promotions."

Even though these events may have been true in the past, they don't have to be the truths of your future. When you embrace these truths as reasons for your lack of success, they sow the seeds of excuse mentality. The truth is there are no excuses that will promote personal growth. When you change your future truth and stop making excuses, you will open the door to incredible personal growth.

A victim mentality doesn’t look good on anyone who has something important to accomplish.
— Life Lesson 99 from Paul Cummings' book, It All Matters

Key #2: Be Responsible

We are all 100% responsible for our own success in life. Personal growth begins in your moments of decision every day. What time do you get up? How do you prepare for your day? Are you on a path of continual discovery and learning? What will you read and study? How will you apply what you learn? Who are your friends and closest associates? Do you have strong and meaningful relationships? The answers to all of these questions are directly tied to your daily decisions and actions.

The key to personal growth will depend on the consistency and quality of your future decisions. You must accept 100% responsibility for your outcomes. You are "response-able" to achieve so much more if you upgrade the quality of your future decisions. Ask better questions and think about the outcomes your decisions will create. To have what you want, you must take actions that will take you step by step to the destination you desire. Stop limiting yourself by making average or poor decisions, and start making high-quality decisions that will lead you to a more compelling life filled with incremental personal growth and amazing outcomes.

Exhibit PRIDE: Personal Responsibility for Individual Daily Effort
— Life Lesson 56 from Paul Cummings' book, It All Matters

Key #3: Stay Hungry

It's easy to settle into a routine of "average" and "mediocrity" in life. So many people simply sell themselves short by letting go of their most important goals and dreams. They let a few temporary setbacks convince them they weren't meant to have real success, and they quit believing in themselves. As a result, they ultimately lose their hunger and drive. When you adopt these limiting beliefs, you will no longer make the effort required for high personal achievement.

My message to you is to find your hunger for greatness again. Believe in yourself and your capacity for greatness. I was highly impressed with the leader of the organisation I addressed in California. His immense level of hunger to produce extraordinary results was evident. I loved what he said to his team of sales professionals: "The enemy of great is good." The fire was burning bright in his eyes, and every single word he spoke was filled with genuine energy and enthusiasm. He is leading his team to record-setting performances every day, and I believe their future is going to be filled with powerful results.

Why? They are immensely hungry to win, they are "response-able" to each other for their daily decisions, and they are making no excuses about their results. They are on a path to personal and corporate growth. Winners win and losers lose in life. This is a team of winners.

Self –imposed pressure activates your competitive spirit.
— Life Lesson 109 from Paul Cummings' book, It All Matters

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