Get Up Meetings

As I walked into one of my client's education rooms recently, I was immediately inspired by their approach to conducting training and "Get Up" meetings. There were positive phrases all over the wall that promoted their culture. High-energy music played from a selected playlist intentionally used to elevate the moods of those in attendance. Leaders greeted every person through the door with a high five and an enthusiastic greeting. Wow.

Set the Tone

For years, we have taught thousands of our clients the power of energizing their meetings by implementing the "Get Up" meeting approach. It's a powerful shift in approach that will immediately and positively impact your current meeting environment. Our mission is always to provide our clients with strategies that create a lasting impact.

Get Up Meeting Strategies

We encourage our clients to implement the following:

E-Up the Environment. Use high-energy music to heighten the excitement in the meeting room.

Enthusiasm Is Contagious. Leaders who meet and greet team members with a positive greeting and a high five kick off the meeting with enthusiasm.

Excitement Will Build. Begin the meeting with a powerful and positive message centered around a recent success story about a team member. Also share content that will excite, inspire, and motivate your team members like Five Minutes with Paul.

Cheer the Team. Ask everyone in the room to "Get Up" and then use the following "I Say, You Say" strategy to build the energy to Level 10.

Leader: What Is Today? Team: This is My Day.

Leader: Who Are You? Team: I am the Best!

Leader: What Is Our Mission? Team: To Serve Our Customers

Leader: What Is Our Goal? Team: We Will Sell Successfully Today

Leader: What Level Are You At? Team: 10!

Leader: What Is Our Standard? Team: Every Day Every Time Without Fail No Exceptions

Leader: Who Are We? Team: We Are One

Leader: One What? Team: One Team One Voice One Purpose

At this point, the leader instructs everyone to high five two people and sit down. This approach has a dramatic impact. The energy will be in the air, and the enthusiasm and excitement will be intense. It instantly creates a powerful ripple effect throughout your business.

"A meeting should always be structured to Get People Up not Beat People Up."

~ Paul Cummings

The Content of the Meeting

My loyal readers will remember I wrote an article about making sure meetings don't waste your people's time. There is nothing worse than sitting in a pointless meeting when you have work to do, even if the energy is high. Remember, every meeting must have a purpose. Stay on target. These group meetings are designed to provide the following to a team:

Knowledge that can help the team perform at a higher level.

Attitude motivators that serve to inspire a team and improve morale.

Skill enhancement exercises that will serve to stimulate performance and efficiency.

Habit development to assist team in becoming more consistent in daily process delivery.

Powerful Exit Strategy

Our Belief is that all meetings must end on a high note. People should leave motivated to take action to propel themselves and the company forward and upward. There are many ways to do this, but here are a few strategies we have implemented successfully. I'm confident they will work for your organization if you choose to take action:

Recognize outstanding performances and inspire others to strive to join the ranks of high achievement.

Share any good news about the organization that will make your team proud of their accomplishments.

Recognize those who have attained 5/10/15/20, etc. anniversaries with the company to promote tenure within the organization.

Promote and recognize any charitable or community support programs you have participated in to build on the goodwill of your organization within your community.

Any of these strategies will create a positive exit from your "GET UP" meetings. It's my hope you will take action and revitalize your meeting environment as well as your team's experience. Make the magic happen in your meetings, and your people will make the magic happen with your customers. If you'd like to start your morning meetings "Paul style," then check out my latest online course, Five Minutes with Paul!

Make a difference today.

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About the author: For over 30 years, Paul Cummings has taught dynamic life changing strategies on sales, customer service, communication, building a better business, and leadership. Millions have had the opportunity to learn what it means to live and work at Level 10.