have listened to Paul Cummings speak live since he began teaching and speaking 35 years ago. Paul has developed a worldwide reputation as a teacher who truly makes a difference to every one of his students.

“If we were to say that Paul Cummings is an extremely gifted communicator and teacher and that he possesses a rare ability to connect to his audience in a way like none other, we would be selling him short of his unique gifts!”
— - Stephen Taylor II — General Manager, Taylor Kia

Take a Journey with Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings can provide your organization with a keynote address that is customized to your real needs. Paul’s keynote addresses are inspiring, motivational, and information packed.

Paul will take the audience on an amazing journey with his high-impact presentation

style. Through the use of topic-specific stories based on real life experiences, true business intelligence, and humor, Paul will engage your audience in a deeply personal manner.

People often leave saying, “I felt like Paul was talking directly to me.”

If you choose Paul, you will definitely avoid the tragedy that is another dull boring

convention speech, memorized and presented regardless of the audience. Paul will get to know your company, speak your language, and drive your desired message home in a memorable way. As an educator, Paul has traveled the globe delivering keynote addresses and customized education programs for over 26 years. From small intimate settings, to stadiums filled with 1000’s of people, his message inevitably leaves his audiences wanting a return engagement.


It All Matters Keynote

A statement, a story, a quote, or even an unexpected life experience, can be that moment, when “It” all changes for you. That’s exactly what happened to me, and it helped lead me towards experiencing a life that was full of confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity. With the It All Matters Keynote, Paul will help your audience find the It your audience is searching for and through that, achieve the confidence, clarity, certainty and creativity of a life where It All Matters.


No Two Keynotes Are Alike

How does Paul customize your keynote?

It's as easy as 1-2-3: write Paul a list of the five take-aways that you would like each

audience participant to leave with in mind, and Paul will do the rest.

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