The Visualization Process Made Easy

In life, sometimes you can work hard and hope for successes, and they just might come to you. However, the true winners in life know that when they take the time to plan out all of their accomplishments, they can expect success.
The biggest reason that I've been discussing the importance of visualizing your goals with you, is because I have lived out the reality of just how powerful and absolutely life-changing that the Visualization process can be. When you're trying to plan out the next five years of your life, knowing where to begin can seem incredibly difficult. And planning out the next five years of your life probably seems like a daunting process on its own!

I don't want people to get stuck and avoid one of the most important stages of the goal-setting process - visualization. So, in wanting to help others achieve all of their goals and dreams, I was inspired to create a product that would help simplify this whole process for you. I wanted to create a product that would make writing out your future, both easy and fun to do!


The It All Matters Visualization Toolkit!

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This toolkit discussed in my latest book It All Matters was designed to help you identify and pursue your most important one-year, three-year, and five-year goals—so that you can turn all of them into your reality.  

The Visualization Toolkit will help you to create a visual representation of all of your goals to give you the clarity, accountability, and daily motivation that you need to pursue your biggest dreams with passion.

The Visualization Toolkit includes:

  • One 18 x 24 poster designed to help you determine what you really want out of the next five years of your life
  • One 18 x 24 poster with a 5-year life balance wheel exercise to help you hold accountability of your most important goals in life
  • One 18 x 24 poster containing a five-year bucket list
  • 30 "I Will" Goal Cards
  • 30 "Affirm" Daily Affirmation Cards
  • 10 "My Journey" Instruction cards to walk you through the visualization process (start here)
  • Six "To A Live Well Lived" Inspirational Story Cards for continuous inspiration
  • One It All Matters pen/highlighter to pen your goals and highlight what you see fit
  • One double-ended permanent marker to permanently display your goals and dreams
  • One self-inking stamp to stamp on your posters and "I will" cards when your goals are completed
  • One It All Matters drawstring bag
  • One It All Matters Lapel Pin
  • One It All Matters Wristband

So, are you ready to join me on the journey to achieving all of your goals and dreams?

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