Stop Wasting Your Life

The frustration was apparent from the first word she spoke in our coaching session. To say this executive was riding the "misery train" every day would be an understatement. What do you enjoy most about your work? "Every day when I get to leave." Why have you stayed here for five years if you are unhappy? "I thought maybe I could learn to like what I do if I gave it enough time." What attracted you to this field in the first place? "It's what I studied in college, and I didn't want to waste my degree." My answer was direct and candid.

Incoming Truth

"You are not wasting your degree or the money and time you invested in your education. You are wasting your time, your energy, your talent, and as a result, you are depriving yourself of your most important goals and dreams. You need to make a better decision: Stop wasting your life!"

Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal

This scenario plays itself out too often every day across the globe as individuals continue to show up to work in positions and careers they don't truly believe in. They have become passengers on the "struggle bus" that will never let them off at the destination they desire in life. And still, they get up every day and go through the process again and again. Each day, a little more of their passion dies as their energy is drained by work that in no way provides value or inspiration. As we discussed her options, I reminded her of the following:

Incoming Truth

"Life is not a dress rehearsal! Life is a one-shot opportunity for you to seek out everything that truly engages your spirits and ignites your passion and hustle."

Pivot and Let Go

There comes a point in your life where you must pivot and let go in order to grow. No one wants to feel like they have failed, gave up, or quit on a project, a career, or other people. That's just human nature, and you shouldn't feel bad for having that type of emotional response to a life-changing decision. However, doing nothing and having to live a life filled with regret because you failed to take action is much, much worse. When you quit a dead-end career that does not fulfill you, then and only then can you start to build an amazing future. Staying in this type of career doesn't reward anyone (especially you) because you are not alive in your work, engaged by the mission, or inspired to be your best self. As reality set in, I asked my client to consider the following...

Incoming Truth

"A person who truly decides what they really want can then set inspiring goals and objectives that will redefine their course and their ultimate destiny. Your future is truly yours to design and enjoy."

Question Your Life Forward

As we settled in for the most important part of our coaching session, I could see a glimmer of hope in her eyes. I could hear a newfound energy in her tone. I asked, "Are you ready to break free from the chains that bind you currently? Do you realize you created those chains by settling for less than you desired? Can you own the fact, that you are where you are currently due to your own limiting beliefs? Instead of being indecisive about moving forward, are you now prepared to make the hard decisions and move forward with confident actions towards a more exciting and rewarding future?" She replied with a resounding "yes" to all the questions I asked, and I knew we were moving towards a new, powerful plan that would change her life. I said, "Let's examine the road forward by looking at the following facts..."

Incoming Truth

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir someone's blood. Dream a dream that inspires you, and create a compelling vision that eradicates all doubt and extinguishes your fear. Then you are free to live a life of authentic intention and purpose."

Take Massive Action and Small Steps

The above statement may seem contradictory, but it is the truth. Small steps (minor shifts) played out over time completely change the direction of your life. When you slow down during the planning phase, you can then dramatically speed up during the execution phase. In order to accomplish more of the necessary activities contained within your dreams, you need to simplify the complex nature of the mission. In other words, you need to do less with more impact early to build foundational success that is sustainable.

This session led to many inspiring moments of courage, guts, and accomplishment. She did quit the dead end, soul-sucking job, and began immediately moving toward her real inspiration. She opened an amazing retail store that has grown over the years into a highly successful small business. I am both a delighted customer and raving fan today. What did I love the most about this experience? The smile on her face, the joy in her soul, and the reward her actions have created for her and her team.

If her story is your story, STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE, and go make a difference today.

Paul Cummings

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