People Will Pay You to Perform

There's a saying from my latest book, It All Matters that always reminds me of my grandfather: “People will pay you to perform...” When you go to work, you understand that you have a job to do and that you're going to get paid. But you can't pay people to be “excellent”. Being excellent is a personal choice.

So when I say, “It All Matters” it actually has to matter to YOU!

The full version of the quote I just mentioned is, “People will pay you to perform, but excellence is a personal choice. Choose today to be excellent at what you do, because It All Matters.” Let's have a quick check up from the neck up. Are you choosing to be excellent every single day? Are you on the self-improvement train? Are you really trying to find those tiny incremental shifts that will make your work better?

So many times people will get into this kind of routine. They get in this “rut” and they begin to think that it's okay to just keep doing what they do every day, just as long as they keep getting paid.

The reality is that some people lose their zest for life and turn their dials down in reference to their goals and dreams. The “buzz” is gone. Somewhere along the journey, they have adopted the habit patterns of the low performer and lost their childlike enthusiasm for their daily experiences.

Positive thinking was replaced by negative thinking. Happiness was replaced by worry. Joy was replaced by regret. Positive self-esteem has been crushed by a lack of self-belief. Dreams and goals have been given up, and life has become a routine pattern repeated day after day. The truth is, a "rut" is a rut is a grave with both ends dug out where the mediocre choose to live.

At some point though, the payment for your performance will cease to be enough for your employer, and also for you. If you're motivated...if you're energized...and if you're inspired at all, just doing “enough” is never going to be enough to keep you on the road to success. You can get paid, but are you getting paid to be exceptional? You have to make that choice for yourself.

Make a difference today,


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