The It All Matters Coalition

The It All Matters Coalition

Love to share on social media? Like to be a thought leader? Love being the first person "in the know"? Would you enjoy being a part of a group of like-minded individuals, where your opinions truly mattered? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you could win over $700 worth of  FREE STUFF

We’re looking for 100 people, just like you, who want to read a great book and then spread the news about it, like wildfire, on all of your social media channels, and just be willing to give it an honest review online.

Click here to view the endorsements that It All Matters has already received and see if you want to add your name to this amazing list of endorsements.

If you are selected to join this exclusive group you will get some major perks including the following: (and remember, they're all FREE)

1. An early copy of my latest book, It All Matters  
2. A copy of my It All Matters Affirmation eToolkit
3. Access to the It All Matters Video Course
4. Access to the It All Matters Coalition Facebook Group where you can share ideas and opinions with other coalition members (myself included).

I'm also going to send you some physical items, so that you can fully represent the It All Matters brand on all of your daily adventures and then we want you to share all the excitement and fun on your social media.  You'll get:

5. The It All Matters Badge.
6. The It All Matters Pen/Highlighter Combo.
7. The It All Matters Hat.
8. The It All Matters Wristband.
9. The It All Matters T-Shirt.

All of these perks combined have a retail price of over $700! And joining a community of 99 other like minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery, now that's what I call...priceless!

We only want those that are willing to fully and whole-heartedly commit themselves to being an active participant in the coalition. If you are accepted into the coalition, we are going to ask that you help spread the word about It All Matters and assist with the promotion of the book. Your commitment to the coalition will be to:

1. Read and do the activities in the book
2. Review the book on Amazon.
3. Review the book on Goodreads.
4. Record a testimonial and share it on social media.
5. Follow me on all of my social media channels.
6. Share at least three social media posts a week about It All Matters starting on September 5th, 2017.
7. Participate in heavy promotion on social media the week of the launch of the book. (We will send you some images, sample posts, and guidelines)
8. Have tons of fun with Paul Cummings and the whole Paul Cummings team!

The most creative and active coalition members within the group will also have the chance to win something big!

The five most active members in the group will be able to have a live "Morning Coffee with Paul" experience where you will get to enjoy a cup of Java while picking Paul's brain over an interactive Skype call for an hour. We will also offer additional prizes for those individuals that give the coalition their all... Great performance never goes without reward!

Act fast! You only have until August 31st to apply and there are only 100 spots available! Coalition members will be chosen on September 1st, 2017.

Click here to apply today!

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