Are you a Values Based Contributor?

Do you believe you add value to your business? Every person, whether a business owner or team member, determines their own value equation on a daily basis. Many times people lose sight of focusing on this core principle on a consistent basis.
It’s easy to get trapped by the routine of your business. When your efforts become systematic and routine it can serve to actually rob you of your ability to grow within your role. In other words, if you aren’t focusing on your “personal value equation” you are limiting your capacity to add additional value to your business.

This phenomenon can also be described as the development of “rut mentality” which can truly stifle your personal potential. Are you ready to get out of the mundane experience of being in a routine that no longer challenges or inspires you? Would you like to elevate and escalate your work and career related capacity?

Let me a share a quick and effective method of kickstarting your personal capacity to contribute and add more value in your daily work related efforts?

Two Simple Strategies

1. Examine your current time related activities over the next 30 days.

• Write everything you do down and time stamp the activity.

• Rate the value of each activity on a scale of 1-5.

• Review your results 30 days from now and seek out minor adjustments that will enhance the way you allocate your time in order to be of more value.

2. Review the company’s core values.

• Ask yourself better questions in order to make certain your work related efforts support the organizational values?

• Select one of the organizational values you believe is most impactful to the overall mission and vision of the company.

• List three small step actions you can take to more clearly contribute to this core value in a meaningful way. Take Action Immediately!

In closing remember you can always add more value when you make a congruent and committed decision to be a Values Based Contributor.

Make a Difference Today!

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