Sprint to the Finish

Did you set any goals for yourself in 2017 that you didn’t quite finish... or even start?  I want to encourage you to join my "Sprint to the Finish Challenge," because we’ve ALL been there. 

What’s one goal that you can accomplish before the ball drops on December 31st?

Life gets busy. As they say, “life happens;” and yes, life happens to ALL of us.  So what do we do when “life happens” to us?  

We rise again…we get back into the ring… and we start over.

Maybe it’s losing five pounds…

Maybe it’s reading one good book… (ok, shameless plug here – the title could be It All Matters).

Maybe it’s finishing a project around the house...

If you had a goal that you wanted to complete this past year, that you just didn’t get around to doing–now’s your chance! Why wait to make a New Year’s Resolution, when you can start crushing your goal now? It’s not about how you start – it’s how you finish!

So, what’s your “Sprint to the Finish” goal going to be? Whether your goal is big or small, I hope that you will write it down as an "I will" statement. After all, what gets written down, gets done. Join me online and share your goal with others – let’s encourage one another to finish 2017 strong!

Share your goals with me, and you could win some extra spending money for the holidays! In the spirit of the season, I'll be giving away a $50 Visa gift card to one "Sprint to the Finish" winner! 

How to Enter:

1) Like my Facebook and Instagram
2) On either Facebook or Instagram, share a picture of your "Sprint to the Finish" goal, use the #ItAllMatters hashtag, and tag my account, @IAmPaulCummings by 12/5/2017.

BONUS: tag some friends, and encourage them to join the "Sprint to the Finish" challenge too!

So, if you post your goal and finish it, you just might get a special gift from me.  What are you waiting for?   Let's do this together.  Let's end 2017 with a bang!

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