The Five Benefits of Defining Your Culture

Every organization, whether big or small, needs to have a well-defined “company culture”. The culture you have within your organization helps to effectively express the values and attitudes of each of your team members within your business. However, a healthy culture doesn’t just happen on its own; you must be intentional about how you want your culture to be defined. If you’re not intentional about this; it will usually end up defining itself, which will likely result in a lot of confusion and disorganization.

When a business has an unhealthy culture, you can see it a mile away. The employees are all acting like “individuals”, not as “team members”. They are simply performing their duties day in and day out, simply to meet their own needs, such as getting a paycheck. However, when you have a healthy corporate culture within your organization the values of the organization are clearly seen by everyone, regardless of the person’s job duties or responsibilities. This kind of company culture results in everyone working together as a team, regardless of a title or a position, to meet both the company’s needs, as well as their own personal needs.

Having a healthy corporate culture within your organization will improve the performance of your business in a number of key areas. 

  1. Morale - Your team members will have a higher morale if they know exactly what your organization stands for and values.  They will have a strong sense of trust in your organization and they will be more willing to take personal ownership of living out the organization’s values.

  2. Productivity – Your team members will be more excited about coming to work every day and they will be more productive with the hours that they are there.  Healthy organizations will continue to fuel and inspire their people to love what they do and in turn, this makes them drive productivity through the roof.   

  3. Reputation - What does your company stand for?  When your employees, as well as your customers, know what your organization stands for, this makes your corporate reputation truly stand out among your competitors.  Are you known for being a “family friendly” business?  When people hear about this, they want to work there and they are more likely to buy your product or service.  

  4. Quality – A healthy organization has high “quality” standards. When the quality of your team members increases, this also increases the quality of your product or service.       

  5. Retention – Healthy organizations have lower employee turnover and greater retention of high-quality employees.   People want to work for organizations that they can believe in and trust.  Healthy organizations always display a high level trust in their team members as well as their products or service. 

Are the team members within your organization striving to be their very best, every day … every time … without fail … no exceptions? Are they living out your corporate mission, vision, and values in everything that they do?  

If not, this is a clear sign that there may be some cracks in your company culture that need to be addressed, and you should take action quickly to fix them. If you think your organization may need a “check up from the neck up” and could use a little help either defining or possibly redefining your company culture – allow me to help you and coach you through this!

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