Client Spotlight: Andy Heck

A testimonial from my long-time client Andy Heck President of Alpin Haus

Testimonial by Andy Heck, President of Alpin Haus 

Testimonial by Andy Heck, President of Alpin Haus 

      I first saw Paul speak about goals and dreams in 2004 at an RVDA convention and it really hit home for me.  Then I attended his Sustaining Excellence Retreat in Wildwood, Georgia with some of my Alpin Haus team shortly thereafter.  Early in the retreat, we had to do an exercise on what we hoped to get out of the retreat, and for me, even though I had considered myself “goal focused” all of my life, I wanted to learn more and get better at goal setting.

     When I was in my mid-twenties I saw former Notre Dame Football coach, Lou Holtz, speak.  He talked about creating a bucket list of everything he wanted to do in his life.  Following his speech, I immediately started a list and have added to it ever since.  However, I was craving more systems and tools to help me accomplish my goals.  The lessons I've learned from Paul have helped push me to a whole new level.  Each year I type up my goals for each area of my life and I review my bucket list to decide which items I can accomplish in the upcoming year.  I carry these goals with me wherever I go and I have them posted on a wall at home with pictures so that I can visualize them.

      When I turned forty, I picked up a new hobby of running races and competing in triathlons.  Competing in these types of races, you learn a lot about preparing for and following all of the steps of goal setting which can be attributed to all aspects of life. Through goal setting I have finished many marathons, including the New York City Marathon, which was one of my bucket list items.  I'm also a five time IRONMAN finisher. Crossing the finish line of these races reminds me continuously that any goal is truly possible if you set your mind on doing something and you will usually have to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve them. 

     I’ve applied the goal setting techniques that I’ve learned to all areas of my life which have ultimately enabled me to experience many memorable things.  Some of those things have included traveling to different parts of the world with my wife, taking fun trips with my family, and becoming the chairman of the RVDA. I learned that through the process of setting and achieving goals you will need to surround yourself with other goal-oriented individuals.  I try to always seek out mentors who have accomplished things that are on my goal list and then I strive to learn as much as I can from them.  When you’re willing to share your goals with others, it’s amazing how many people will look for ways to help you reach them.  Our business has enjoyed a large amount of success because our team members will set goals and then they work hard to ensure that they are achieved.  It's also been fun to watch my children set and achieve goals that they have set for themselves and watch them as they strive to achieve them.

     Other the years I have applied all of the lessons that I've learned from what Paul has taught me, and it has allowed me to live a very fulfilled life as I pursue each of my goals.  Some people call it “obsessed”, but I simply view it as being focused and I’m enjoying a life where I get to do everything that I want.  It's magical what you can accomplish when you set goals and pursue them relentlessly.  You become so good at the process that you are “certain” of the outcome, and it just becomes your way of life.  I am truly grateful to have learned these lessons from Paul and I know that if you will apply these same lessons, that you will be grateful too."

~Andy Heck


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