The Power of Research

One of the truisms about life today is that we have unlimited resources to expand our knowledge. We are a simple topical search away from learning something new at any given moment. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity on a regular basis? Do you have time built into your daily plan to do a little research and learn something new or interesting? This is a powerful way to expand your library of knowledge.

A simple exercise for you might be the catalyst for change in this area. For instance, here are a few suggestions for you to try out today. Who knows? You might get addicted to research like I am as a result of taking a few simple actions.


  • Search: great motivational speeches (then watch two today)
  • Search: Ted Talks on leadership (then watch two today)
  • Search: Always a Fire: Chad Jones (then watch today)


  • Search: 10 Keys to Effective Coaching (Select an article to read today)
  • Search: 5 Keys to Team Building (Select an article to read today)
  • Search: Overcoming Adversity (Select an article to read today)
  • Search: Top 10 Business Blogs (Read through to find your favorite bloggers to follow and learn from today)
  • Search: Top-rated Podcast (Listen to a few to determine which ones you see value in today)

The Point

I could go on and on with a multitude of suggestions. I do follow this process every single day. In fact, I keep topical journals with me at all times to write down what I learn. I am a heat-seeking missile for any new insights or strategies I can learn and utilize. Why? Because when you stay in a state of constant and never-ending improvement, you continue to grow and expand your capacity for achievement.

Your personal earning power is tied directly to your learning power. 
— Paul Cummings

In Closing

I hope this message motivates you to begin today to do research. I hope you develop an intense craving for new knowledge. I hope you become addicted as I have to this process. Have a Level 10 day, and now go do some significant research. Keep a journal and take notes on what you learn.

Make a difference today.

— Paul

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