Dreams Keep Us Young

Dreams have the ability to keep us young. Dreams have the ability to keep us motivated. Not for a week. Not for a month. Not for a year. But for a lifetime. The simple truth is dreamers die hard. Dreamers operate at a different level than people that have let go of their dreams. I've always wondered why people so easily surrender their dreams to a life of mediocrity. To a life of living below their own potential.

When we get out of school we have these big ideals. We believe that there's nothing we can't accomplish. We're excited, we're energized by the opportunity. We have many things in our life that we want to get done. What happens is at some point reality slaps us in the face. What is that reality?

You are met with your first challenge - the dream is bigger than your current resources.

So many times people find it easier to shrink their dream down to meet their income than they do to continue to believe that if they pursue that dream with all their energy, conviction, and belief - that the dream will come true. Simply put, we run out of patience.

We begin to sacrifice the very thing that we were chasing the dream that meant so much to us...and we begin to live a life of less.

Your dreams can come true. I don't care how old you are. I don't care how young you are. It doesn't matter what triumphs you've achieved, and what tragedies you've experienced. The truth of the matter is you can begin to dream again today.

Don't go through life without your dreams in hand. Join me as we discover your passion. What motivates you? What gets you up? What pushes you through hard times? Let's make your dream a reality.

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Photo credit: Colin_K CC BY