Objections are a Sales Professional’s Best Friend

It's important that you always work on improving the skill sets of every member of your customer-facing team, to create a new level of proficiency. One of the biggest components of this process involves handling objections during customer interactions.

This starts with changing your team's perceptions of an objection. Most salespeople don't like, and even dread the objections thrown their way. The truth is, objections are your best friend. The ability to provide the customer with a solution is your shining moment. Welcoming an objection rather than shuddering at it makes a huge difference. We have made that transition, and it is paying off in a big way.

Objections Are a Constant

Customers will always bring up objections. It's a natural, and even beneficial, part of any sales process. Objections provide the window we need to learn about our customers' expectations and points of doubt. 

Be excited when the objection comes because this is your opportunity to prove your value. The key is to never be defensive when the customer shares his or her hesitation. Take on genuine curiosity and seek to understand why the objection or concern has been stated.

"Objections are stepping stones in the value-building process. They lead directly to closing opportunities."

Investigate and Learn

Once you know the objection, you have the path you need to close the deal. First, you have to investigate. These are not the only reasons people object, but they represent 95% of the reasons. Use this list as a guide:

  • Information deficiency
  • A knowledge gap
  • Previous negative experiences
  • Level of interest is still low
  • Level of urgency is minimum
  • Have another product in mind
  • Perception issues
  • Unfamiliarity with you and your company
  • Key decision maker not present

Many times, people don't feel a connection with a sales professional and will not reveal their lack of comfort. If a customer shares an objection with you, make them feel comfortable enough to provide the reason behind it.

Why Why Why

As a professional you must seek to understand the true meaning of any objection. The why truly matters. Once you uncover the why, you can then customize your response in order to alleviate the core of the concern. Your answer replaces doubt with the value-added reasons your product or service is exactly what he or she is looking for.

The Game Plan

  • Operate with a Service-Based Mentality
  • Be Optimistic in Your Approach
  • Show Genuine Interest and Listen
  • Never Argue or Attack
  • Don't Use High-Pressure Tactics
  • Be a Bridge Builder
  • Slow Down
  • Ask Questions for Clarity
  • Reaffirm
  • Then Build Value


Always back up your value proposition with previous customer stories and testimonials. Build value around your company and the value you personally bring to the equation for your customers.


Learn to relax and breathe. Never rush the process or show anxiety. Welcome objections as the part of the sales process that leads you to what truly matters to the customer. This opens the door to sell, which is what you do. Because you do it well, you can demonstrate casual confidence at all times.

Make a difference today,

Paul Cummings

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