Joy And Energy

Joy And Energy

I met an amazing couple recently in Broad Beach - Melinda and Mark. It's always fun to be around people who have the unique, special energy that is contagious. Melinda has a smile and laugh that truly evokes enthusiasm. I was swept away by the raw energy that she and her husband, Mark, share for life, their kids, and their future together.


Passion is a by-product of genuinely passionate people. You can feel the transfer of their passion through smiles, stories, and a special type of unadulterated joy. Even though we had never met before, Melinda, Mark and I experienced a night of friendship, or "mate-ship" as they would say here in Australia.


It was crystal clear to me that Mark and Melinda have a unique bond and a feeling of trust between each other that put them both incredibly at ease. When you are around people who find happiness easily, it changes your environment. They are truly bright lights in a dimly lit world. It was a reminder to me that every interaction you have with other people can either be positive or negative. You can either brighten someone else's day or darken it.

Feeling Lucky

Sometimes you pick the right seat, and that night I did just that. The "randomness" of life is like the rainbow you didn't expect to see, the musical performance which stuns you from a local artist you never heard. All of that happened through simple conversations, a collage of unexpected and appreciated magical moments.

Thanks Melinda and Mark.

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Remember, It All Matters,

— Paul

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