Lessons of Freedom

Freedom and resolve develop deep within a person’s soul when their energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and passion are all mixed together. Then, at just the right time, all of these emotions are directed towards achieving a dream. This month, as we celebrate our country's freedom, let’s look back on a few leaders who have displayed some of these wonderful characteristics like passionenthusiasmhard work, and resolve, and see what we can learn from them.

Our founding fathers have played a huge part in allowing us to be able to celebrate our country’s freedom, and their legacy can continue to live on, in all of us, as we go out and pursue our own goals and dreams. 

Any society that will give up a little liberty, to gain a little security, will deserve neither and lose both.
— Benjamin Franklin

This is a powerful lesson for all of us to think about. When you are in pursuit of your goals and dreams, you must remember what your “non-negotiables” are. Knowing exactly what you are not willing to give up, as you pursue your goals and dreams is just important as you knowing what you are willing to fight for, as you strive towards accomplishing your goals and dreams. Never give up the things that matter the most to you, as you pursue your dreams. Never. Freaking. Waiver.

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is obligated to do so.
— Thomas Jefferson

Do you know what your core values and your core beliefs are? Are you willing to stand up for them, no matter what?  Your core values are like the spine of a body. They are what hold you up and give you your shape, and without your spine, you’ll likely fall apart. So, you must first define what your core values are, and then you must be willing to stand up for them, as you pursue your goals and dreams.   

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.
— John Adams

As you pursue your goals and dreams, remember, there are some things in life that you can never get back.  It’s hard to earn back a good reputation; once it has been lost. It’s hard to win back friends when they have been forgotten and left behind in the pursuit of a dream.  It’s impossible to get back lost time with your family because it wasn’t a big enough priority for you at the time. Goals and dreams are always worth the risks that are involved, but never allow them to blind you of the real reason that you’re here. If you’re a Mom or a Dad, then you still need to be a great Mom or Dad, while you are pursuing your dreams.  

Never allow the things that matter the most to you, to become less important to you, than the pursuit of your dream.       

You were born with a spirit of power and you were brought to this earth destined for greatness.  Your greatness lies just on the other side of your best effort. Remember during this time of celebrating our freedom, that you have the freedom to relentlessly pursue all of your goals and dreams. It’s in doing so, that you will pay tribute to all of those who have gone before you and have allowed you to be where you are today. You will honor those who have helped you along the way … who have never given up on seeing you pursue your dream … who have made sacrifices on your behalf … and who have encouraged you to stick with it until the end. 

 So, from the entire Paul Cummings Team - here’s to all the dreamers, and to the freedom that comes with pursuing your dreams!

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