A Moment In Time

Have you ever found yourself at a moment in time when you were asking yourself a series of soul-searching questions? Thought provoking questions work their way into your thinking because in the deep recesses of your mind, you know something is missing. I have been in that position before, many times. When you find yourself in that state, you must have the courage to ask better questions and answer them with brutal truthfulness.

Look in the Mirror

There comes a defining moment in everyone's life when they must stand in front of the mirror and boldly ask:

  • What do I really want from my life's journey?
  • Why have I sometimes settled for less when I have the tools to accomplish so much more?
  • Why do I allow myself to be distracted by so many meaningless activities that rob me of my time and personal joy and happiness? 

As you stare in the mirror and contemplate these answers, your eyes stare back at you, hoping you will answer these questions so you can finally arrive at a point of clarity. You have the ability to remove these doubts and achieve clarity if you are willing to confront the truth.

The Mantra

  • "I have met the enemy, and it is me."
  • "I will no longer be a prisoner of doubt, fear, distractions, worry, anxiety, or negative people or events."
  • "This is me, this is who I am, and this is my time to soar and shine."

Freedom to Choose

Why do we so easily get trapped by the frantic nature of our life? Why do we allow others to steal our joy? Why do we sometimes shrink from conflict and play small? Why do get trapped in the never-ending maze of mediocrity when we were never intended to live a life of less? We were not meant to settle for the scraps that a life of mediocrity provides. We must ask ourselves these empowering questions and find a better truth. 

We have been granted the power of choice. We can choose to be bold, brave, and thereby live a life of abundance and real joy. We were never intended to settle or join the Fellowship of the Miserable. Is today the day you will choose a better path and change the course of your life?

  • If not you, then who?
  • If not now, then when?

My question: why not you and why not now? You are an unstoppable force!

Set Yourself Free

It is time for you to claim your personal power and declare your freedom from the previous limiting beliefs that bound you. To claim your power and assert your freedom, you must not consent to ever again be controlled by fear, doubts, negative thoughts, or the will of the masses around you. We must get out of the blame culture and dive head first into the personal responsibility culture of greatness. 

"I control my personal destiny, and I recognize if it is to be, it is up to me."
~ Paul Cummings

In my latest year-long online course, The It All Matters 52-week Challenge, I will provide you with daily strategies designed to challenge, inspire, and motivate you to live a life of real intention. You must be willing to declare that you are designed to be intensely motivated and that you are completely free to live a life of genuine intention and real purpose. We must be willing to govern our lives, thoughts, decisions, and actions consistently. We must be willing to exert our power to think bigger and operate with more clarity by asking bigger, bolder, and better questions every day. 

Go Bravely Forward

We are too often buried in the deep, dark well of unawareness. We must become keenly aware of the real state of our life. We must bring to fruition the full power of our conscious mind and operate with total self-awareness. We must choose to pursue the boundaries of our immense personal capacity. We came to this earth designed for maximum accomplishment and equipped for greatness. We can do anything when we control our mindset. Remember, It All Matters. Design the life you want to experience, and go live it all out. Answer the questions, shift your perception, and lay claim today to the joy, happiness, and peace of mind you deeply desire.

"I hereby promise to begin today to manifest the personal greatness I know lies within me." ~ Paul Cummings

Make a difference today.

— Paul

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