Spring Up Your Enthusiasm

I love enthusiastic people who display a genuine passion for their life, and what they do. Enthusiasm is not a “fake it until you make it” premise as many have surmised. I like my enthusiasm served up with authenticity. What about you?

Enthusiasm can be seen in the eyes, heard in the voice and felt in a handshake or embrace. The reflection of genuine enthusiasm is something that has a magnetic effect on others. In fact, enthusiasm is just like great music. It can inspire, uplift, soothe and energize a person. Enthusiasm is an attribute carried naturally by high achievers.

Embrace life with passion.

Be nice and kind in your actions.

Be thoughtful and genuine.

Ensure that heartfelt describes all of your actions.

Take the time to understand others.

Keep a servant's heart beating in your chest.

Approach life with inspiration.

Stay fueled by an attitude of gratitude.

Strive to make a real impact.

Make a difference daily.

I hope that you have an enthusiastic day! It’s your turn to be a bright light in someone else’s dimly lit day.  Put the spring back into your step this spring!

Just think, your enthusiasm could be the reason someone shifts their down moment to an up moment. Turn your personal “enthusiasm dial” to 10 at all times.

Make a difference today,


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