Visualize The Life You Desire

As I detail in my latest book, It All Matters, it’s important to create a compelling future for yourself.   

Do you have a dream or a goal that you are pursuing right now?

When I ask people that very important question, my hope is that everyone will respond by saying, “Absolutely – do you want to hear about it?”  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  I typically hear things like …

“I used to have a dream about doing __________ …” 

“I’ve always wanted to ________, but I never did because …”

“Maybe later on in life, I will get the chance to pursue ________ …”

I firmly believe that the level of action that you take to pursue your dreams and goals will determine your level of success. You must be willing to pursue your goals and dreams relentlessly, and you must create a strong reason for “why” you are pursuing them.    

So, do you know your big “why”?

If you currently find yourself responding to that important question in your mind with an answer like some of the responses that I hear, allow me to give you five quick tips that will help you strive towards achieving your goals and dreams.  I genuinely want to see you soar to success and fulfill all of those lifelong dreams that you have.  Are you willing to let me help you visualize your way to creating a better future for both yourself and for your family?

Five Tips to Make Your Dreams A Reality (3).png

Tip One

Set 15 minutes aside each day to visualize the successful completion of your goals or dreams and make certain that you are not interrupted during this very important time.

Tip Two

Close your eyes and paint a vivid picture of your ultimate destiny in life. Everyone’s picture will be different, so be sure and paint a beautiful canvas for your personal destiny - be specific!

Tip Three

Think through all of the possibilities that your goals and dreams will have for both you and for your family.  How will your lives be better for having pursued these dreams? This is your big “why,” so be sure and write this down!

Tip Four

Fill your mind with positive emotions as you drive towards the successful completion of your goals and dreams.  And give yourself some “rewards” along the way, to help keep you on the right track.

Tip Five

Remember to always think of yourself and your dreams regarding statements that include the phrases “I am …”,  “I can … ", and “I will …”.  These are powerful statements that will guard your mind against negativity and guide you on your path to success.

The moment that you can learn to have unwavering faith and belief in what you can accomplish, the easier it is to make those dreams become a reality.  The “I am …”, “I can …” and “I will …” statements that you create for yourself and your dreams will all become “stepping stones” to your success, and they will help propel you towards achieving all of your goals and dreams.  So... are you ready to begin? 


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