Winning Words Eye Chart


Winning Words Eye Chart

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These Winning Words Eye Charts, 24″ × 35″ laminated and foam core mounted, are great for new hire training, PDR (Practice, Drill & Rehearse), periodic review, or quick reference right on the showroom floor.

Charts included:
1. 9 Square Grid
2. O-Grid
3. Teflon Bullet Linkage Chart
4. Bringing Information To The Desk Professionally
5. Incoming Telephone Calls
6. Product Selection Questions
7. Mastering The First 2 Minutes
8. “I’m Just Looking” Sequence
9. “I’m Not Buying Today” Sequence
10. “I Only Have 10 Minutes” Sequence
11. “I Have Prices From Other Dealerships” Sequence
12. “What’s Your Best Price” Sequence
13. “Consumer Guide/Internet” Sequence

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